Vignan Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (VIPS) is one of the three pharmacy institutes run by the well-known Vignan group of Guntur and was established in the year 1999.  (1) Vignan Pharmacy College, Vadlamudi, Gutur, (2) Vignan Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Deshmukhi, Nalgonda, (3) Vignan Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Duvvada, Vizag was started in the year 2006.


VIPS is located at Vignan Hills, a sprinting 350 acres land with valleys and watersheds, with mango groves and greening around.  It is situated at a distance of 35 kms from Koti, Hyderabad.  As citizens of the world, it is our duty to take care of our environment in the best way possible.  The very atmosphere of Vignan is a case study in environmental awareness and protection.  Students take an active part by observing nature’s many moods, planning trees, and to pre-serve nature’s fragile balance.  Vignan believes it is important to nurture a serene and intellectually rich environment for students to lean.  Lessons cease to be rituals and instead become lively and full and interesting focal points to study well.  In such surroundings it becomes difficult to be detached and instead the whole scenario becomes extremely student friendly.  Located in sprawling campus away from the city, landscaped to perfection with spacious, well-equipped and purpose-designed buildings,  Vignan Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences as a dream world of academics.  Learning is relaxing and enjoyable in such atmosphere, where both body and soul are taken care of by providing physical comforts and satisfying the intellectual curiosity.


Vignan’s massive academic edifice is the precious brainchild of Dr. L.Rathaiah, a visionary educationist.  He foresaw the rapid transformation of education into a highly professionalised and demanding environment.  He developed a series of education materials for public and competitive examinations and later established the Vignan Residential institutions in 1983.  the cusses of Vignan led to the mushrooming of residential institutions all over Andhra Pradesh and gave a big boost to the educational standards.

Dr. L. Rathaiah believes in global competence and looks forward to the day when an Indian standard becomes a benchmark all over the globe in education.  Modest to the core, he prefers his work to speak instead.  With his visionary guidance, VIPS has set its mission and motto.


To provide quality education and opportunities for overall growth by creating high quality intellectual and sportive environment. Vignan Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences aims to be on forefront in imparting the quality pharmacy education in graduate level.  The graduates going out from this college shall be recognized as responsible and highly acclaimed professionals in the Pharmaceutical Arena.

Our Philosophy

To provide high quality Pharmaceutical Sciences education, VIPS recognizes that good faculty, library resources and well equipped laboratory and infrastructure are the essential components, and therefore, it is making all efforts to provide these resources.